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Uporabnik: Age of Ants

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Registriran od: 26. 10. 2011


Kategorija: GARAŽA TV


FINAL VIDEO made by: Rado Petrovic cameraman: Rocco

Age of Ants is a relatively new band coming from Slovenia. As musicians they have already gone through a lot. 

Their album MASS MOVEMENT was released in November 2008, was mixed overseas by Billy Graziadei (Biohazard, Suicide City) in the Udergroundsoundstudios, New Jersey (USA) and mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music.

Mass Movement was recorded at A-Box Studio with Matej Grginic and in Dan-chi Sound Studio, some sounds and samples were made by Peter Penko.

Back in 1995: then as teenagers, Danchi and Katarina formed their first band and played together for about 3 years. After the 6 long years, while both released albums with other local bands (Katarina as a drummer, Danchi as a guitarist) they got together again and started to write music that was beginning to be more mature... They invited Matizz to join them on guitars and a year after Dean on bass. After many rehearsals with some of the best drummers in the country, they finally found the right one for their style and sound where they least expected. Gapy was an old time friend and after a few nights out the band was complete. Today Age of Ants still rock - with a new drummer Rocco, a guy who puts maximum time and himself in this band. Two months before album Mass Movement was ready to be released he started jamming with the band.
In the past four years they were mostly recording everything by themselves in Danchi's 'homestudio' with no fancy mics, but developed their unique sound and style. Danchi produced and arranged the demos for the first Age of Ants album Mass Movement. They've recorded more than 30 songs, made a selection and put the best 14 on the Mass Movement album.
Lyrics, Katarina and Matizz wrote for the Mass Movement album are confessional and emotional. They speak of miscommunication, socializing, some are a criticism of nowadays society, relationships...
In the first part of 2009, Danchi wrote and arranged music for a complete new album. Recording sessions will take place in September 2009.
They are following their dreams…. Follow yours……………


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Intervju je bil posnet med snemanjem v studiju banda.

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