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Uporabnik: Burn fuse

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Registriran od: 15. 11. 2011


Burn Fuse is a Slovenian band from Celje. It was formed in Autumn 2010. Burn Fuse's lineup consists of lead singer Gašper Podbregar, guitarists Jaka Tot and Miha Hlastec, bassist Jernej Luzar and drummer Klemen Krajnc.Burn Fuse's genre is largely considered metalcore combining with hardcore. Like many metalcore/hardcore bands, Burn Fuse incorporates both singing and screaming vocals. Their music contains a lot of heavy melodic riffs, clean guitar parts with singing, heavy breakdowns and guitar effects… that kind of music, they simply call Pussycore.



May 2008: Guitarist Jaka and drummer Klemen started a band. They began practicing and

creating their own songs right away. In the mean time, there were auditions for

other band members, but no one could fit in right, until…


November 2009: when guitarist Miha came into the band and practicing became more fun

and more productive aswell. Because they still didn't have a bass player,

the auditions were left open..


June 2010: At this time, Klemen contacted a bassist Gašper on the internet. He was more

than interested in joining the band and so he came to the rehersal. So, the band

was nearly complete. The only thing they were missing, was a singer.


Oktober 2010: Guys still didn't have a name for the band. They wanted something, that has

a background story and because Miha was having some problems with his

amplifier fuses, they thought it would be a good idea, to name the band with

something related to that problem. That is how the band's name became

Burn Fuse.


November 2010: One night, when they were hanging out, , they met singer Aljaž. They

invited him, to show his skills during the rehersal with them and everyone

was satisfied with his show. Now, the band was finally in full cast.

The time for hard working came and slowly, but steadily, the songs were

becoming complete.


January 2011: Burn Fuse introduced themselves on the net with their first completed and

recorded song, Cut me loose.


April 2011: First concert in ŠTUK Maribor,at a contest for young groups , in which they came

to the finals. After that, guys had 3 concerts and then, after gathering quite a lot

of new material, they decided to record all songs for their CD.


August 2011: Recording in Killing production studio in Laško began. All songs are now

recorded and mastered.


March 2012: Release of album NOT TOO LATE and a concert, to make it official.

They also did a compilation of snowboard videos from Fun park Rogla with their song

Cut me loose.

Oktober 2012: Singer Aljaž left the band. Bass player Gašper takes over the vocals. New bas player becomes Jernej Luzar. In this lineup, they started touring across slovenian clubs with band Heretic.


Future: Promoting and trying to have as much concerts in Slovenia and abroad as possible.


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